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Frame & Alignment in Twinsburg, OH


Computerized/Laser Wheel Alignments/Computer Balancing

We believe the BeeLine LC7500 steer axle alignment computer and its companion Model 22000 laser tandem aligners along with our skilled technician provides the most accurate alignment available today.

Considering the current high cost of tires, proper alignment paired with a computer balance should be a high on any fleet manager's to-do list. Call to schedule your vehicle alignments soon!
At Dean's Truck Body Inc. we believe what sets us apart from most others in the heavy truck collision repair business is our heavy truck frame and alignment shop. Most shops have to sublet this work and the repair process suffers as a consequence not to mention extra downtime that is always involved. The simple fact that we are very proficient in frame straightening and wheel alignment gives us a huge advantage over our competition.

Why? You may ask.

Because we perform these repairs we understand every aspect of proper diagnostics of axles, suspension, steering, and chassis. The old saying "It will never be the same!" does not apply to us. We believe our claim that "It will be better than before!" Utilizing two 40 ft. Blackhawk Power Cages and related tooling we can straighten: